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Within the field of publishing, Lean Publishing takes a holistic approach that includes all the sub-processes of the creation and publication of content, whereby the core ideas of Lean Management and Lean Production are applied to the publication process.

The core principle of Lean Management and Lean Production is to create value without any waste, and the goal is to optimally coordinate any activities that are necessary for such value creation whilst avoiding any that are superfluous.


Lean Publishing - your advantages


By avoiding unnecessary activity you gain an optimal process, the whole of which we can always keep an eye on rather than just the immediate product creation, because great potential for optimisation is often found in the administrative activity.

Customer Orientation

Tell us what you find important and that’s what we will focus on. That way you get the best possible result and we won’t waste time on anything unnecessary. Benefit from the decades of experience we have gained in accomplishing projects for clients.


One of the guiding principles of our work is the standardisation of processes, which reduces their variability – less exceptions means fewer mistakes made, giving you a higher quality performance.


Optimised processes that are aimed at what is important to you leads to standardised processes that are set up clearly and simply, which lets us ensure that you always know what we are doing for you.

Success Stories in Lean Publishing

Securing Rights, Saving Assets – How New Editions Arise from Out-of-Print Titles

With holtzbrinck ePublishing, a cross-publishing workflow for process control of the digitization of the backlist was implemented.

Backlist digitization process

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