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Flowproduction is a web-based system for the digitalisation and automation of business processes between clients and service providers. We pair different ERP systems to accomplish efficiency in the management of orders and production, allowing us to develop the digitalisation of all levels of the supply chain further.

The components of flowproduction


Flowinterface is the graphic interface of flowproduction. With flowinterface the user gets a quick overview of all transactions as well as active and outstanding jobs, plus ones that have already been completed. Additionally, flowinterface offers a closed shop function, where clients are given the opportunity to easily calculate and order products with a direct connection to your ERP system.


Flowtrans is the essence of flowproduction. Flowtrans oversees communication between the ERP systems of customers and service providers. It relays orders, order notifications, status reports, order confirmations, and much more. This is the step towards digitalising business processes along the supply and service chain.



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