The Tübingen-based company Pagina GmBH provides a modular software package for professional XML-based typesetting and e-book production with parsX. All essential steps in the process leading to XML-supported typesetting and ePub production can be performed consistently, easily and reliably.

The future of the publishing business lies in making use of innovative marketing models and prioritising e-books. ParsX not only ensures optimised typesetting and e-book production, but it also enables:

  • An automated generation of readable excerpts
  • The production of multimedia e-books
  • A page-turning display from InDesign
  • The creation of reading samples in e-Book form for marketing purposes

In most cases, parsX can be integrated into an existing CMS or MAM system.

We use it to produce works of fiction for various clients.


  • Option to put ePub first
  • Multi-level quality assurance
  • Purchasable software modules (each module must be individually licensed)
  • Oxygen license required, for a fee

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