flowbooks – the entire production of books in one system

Experience a new kind of automated book production with flowbooks.

flowbooks is an integrated, XML-based management system that processes data in a media neutral way and can act as a web application from any location.

The flowbooks platform maps out the entire production process, providing all stakeholders in book production with a content maintenance interface. Authors, editors, manufacturers, etc. can all complete their tasks and communicate with one another via the system.

The editor’s word-like interface is designed for easy use, where every function is self-explanatory and simple. Text that is entered is immediately converted into XML structure in the background, requiring no attention from the author themselves who needs no knowledge of XML whatsoever.

Conversion from other file types becomes redundant; multiple use of content works at the push of a button, whether in the format of an e-book, online copy, printed edition, CD or DVD. At any time, you are just one click away from a PFD, EPUB or HTML version of you work.

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