C. H. Beck printing house has been producing religious texts for more than 25 years, which makes us your ideal partner for making both high-circulation prints, such as widely distributed bibles; and small, individual productions with ornate finishes, such as finer standard bibles that feature gilt fore-edging.

Texts can be printed in one or more colours. Though printing on a weight of up to 22 g/m² poses a challenge to people and machines alike, we are able to overcome it through the experience of our staff. .

Binding is achieved by process of perfect binding, as well as thread-sewn, polymer dispersion, PUR-glue or hotmelt methods. Flexible covers and fore-edge finishes of any kind are also included amongst our capabilities, and we are happy to offer you exclusive productions of 4- or 5-part covers, as well as zipped leather case editions.

Automated bulk shipments are also possible with our advanced logistics.


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