Procurement areas

Procurement is carried out in the following structure:

Procurement Area 1

Cost of materials for printed products, paper binding and book binding
Including environmental and waste management (disposal)

Procurement Area 2

Pre-press production, printing and print finishing
Including maintenance, service contracts and spare parts

Procurement Area 3

IT/EDP and media design, hardware and software
Including licenses and IT/EDP maintenance contracts

Procurement Area 4

Building management, exterior and interior design
Including upkeep and energy

Procurement Area 5

Procuring external contracts and services

Quality principles

All purchasing of materials, machinery, and third party goods and services are made following the principles of quality set out by the C. H. Beck printing house, in accordance with ISO 9001. standardised procedures. Additionally, the company is DIN ISO 50001 certified. This means that during our procurement processes, the energy efficiency of products to be purchased is already evaluated alongside price and profitability. Suppliers are obliged to only use parts/materials that comply with their latest respective classifications of energy efficiency at the time of ordering. They must also provide us in writing with the corresponding figures regarding energy performance, latest with the order confirmation.