C.H.Beck.Media.Solutions reconciles sophisticated typography and efficient processes

As one of the leading and largest typesetting service providers in the German-speaking region, we implement demanding projects of the highest quality. Our experienced and committed media specialists and computer scientists are there for you when it comes to typesetting specialist literature, fiction, loose-leaf works and trade journals.

Texts and content require media-neutral processing - in every complexity.

From the classic novel to the elaborately structured non-fiction book and loose-leaf work to the illustrated magazine: we take over your texts and images, create layouts and sample pages and do extensive typesetting and make-up work. In addition to classic typesetting workflows, we also master XML-based proprietary workflows such as parsX and transpect. We also edit graphics and illustrations, for example in maps and diagrams.

After completion, you will receive a print PDF, structured, formatted data and, if desired, the appropriate e-book or (barrier-free) ePDF.

With online-based processes, we work on location-independent and collaborative media-neutral data together with authorships, editors and manufacturers.

From your backlist, we digitize text and images from printed templates in OCR and PDF. These are prepared and further processed in print or digital media.

We are your competent typesetting service provider for cross-media publishing!

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